NEA DUES -TAB Insurance Highlights
Monday, March 09 2009

NEA DUES -TAB Insurance Highlights

Life insurance and AD&D insurance coverages Provides a basic level of coverage that can be supplemented with CTA Voluntary Life and Disability Insurance.

How the Plan Works:

The NEA DUES-TAB Insurance pays benefits if an eligible NEA/CTA member:

     Dies Becomes dismembered (i.e., suffers a loss of limb or other qualifying injury) as a result of an accident or assault

     The NEA DUES-TAB Insurance will pay higher benefits if death or dismemberment occurs while a NEA/CTA member is on the job or, for Association Leaders,* while conducting
      Association Business.**

Benefits paid by the Plan depend on the NEA/CTA member’s years of continuous membership, cause of death and the extent of dismemberment.

If you would like to designate or change your previously designated beneficiary under this Plan, click here or call NEA Member Benefits at (800) 637-4636. For a complete description of the NEA DUES -TAB Insurance, refer to the NEA DUES -TAB Summary Plan Description.