Bargaining Team
Wednesday, March 04 2009


A. The bargaining team and Bargaining Chairperson shall be appointed by the President, approved by the Executive Board, and confirmed by the Leadership Council.

B. The Bargaining Team shall be composed of six (6) members. At least one (1) person from each of the three (3) instructional levels: elementary, middle, and high school will be appointed to the bargaining team.

C. Vacancies created by resignation or inability to serve shall be filled by appointment by the President, approved by the Executive Board, and confirmed by the Leadership Council.

D. The Executive Board, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority, may remove a member of the Bargaining Team and appoint a replacement.

E. The duties of the Bargaining Team are to represent and to bargain for the membership.

F. Responsibility and authority for directing the bargaining process of the Association are vested in the Executive Board subject to policies established by the membership.

G. Member input shall be used to determine the contents of the proposed contract demands.

H. The Bargaining Team shall report its activities to the Executive Board in such form and with such frequency as the Executive Board may require.

I. The Executive Board shall provide for the dissemination of information regarding bargaining to the general membership.

J. The Bargaining Team is empowered to reach tentative agreements with the district subject to ratification by the Active Membership.

K. Agreements reached between the Bargaining Team and the School Board or its representatives shall be considered tentative and not binding upon the Association until such agreements have been ratified by the membership.

L. Employees in each appropriate bargaining unit shall be surveyed to determine contents of the proposed contract demands, and the contract proposal for each appropriate unit shall be approved by Active members in that unit.