Dues, Fees and Assessments
Wednesday, March 04 2009


A. The basic annual dues level for Active members, and representation fee for non-members represented in the bargaining unit, shall be sufficient to cover the operating expenses of the Association, dues of CTA, and the dues of NEA.

B. The Association’s portion of the basic annual dues shall be established by action of the Leadership Council’s first regular meeting of the school year.

C. Local dues shall be a percentage equal to the percentage contracted.

D. Membership shall be continuous after initial enrollment until delinquent

or until a change in professional status shall make the member ineligible for membership. If by October 31 of any calendar year a member has not either paid the established annual membership dues for the current year, or made satisfactory arrangements for payment, then that person’s membership shall be considered delinquent and the name dropped from the rolls.