Wednesday, March 04 2009


A. There shall be categories of membership in the Association: Active and Associate.

B. Membership shall be open to any certificated person who is engaged in or who is on limited leave of absence from professional education work, is an employee of the Temecula Valley Unified School District or retired from said district, and whose primary assignment is such as not to hold supervisory responsibility over other certificated employees to such an extent as not to be represented in the negotiations process by the association bargaining unit.

C. Membership may be granted upon initiation of payroll deduction or upon payment of annual TVEA/CTA/NEA dues.

D. Active members shall be eligible to vote in all elections, hold elective office or appointive position, receive special service, obtain assistance in the protection of professional and civil rights, and receive reports and publications of the Association.

E. An individual who is serving as a negotiator for a public school employer shall not be eligible for membership in the Association.

E. Active members shall adhere to The Code of Ethics of the Education Profession. (CTA Bylaws Article III, 5).

F. The rights and privileges of membership shall not be abridged in any way because of age, gender, race, ethnic group,
marital status, national origin, or sexual orientation.

G. No member of the Association may be disciplined without a due process hearing, which shall include the established
appellate procedure.

H. The membership year shall be that period of time from September 1 of any given calendar year through August 31 of the following calendar year, inclusive.

I. Unless otherwise expressly provided by law, persons who tender agency fees shall have no rights or privileges within
this Association.