Longevity FAQ
Tuesday, February 23 2010

Longevity Steps

Understanding how to earn longevity steps on the district’s salary scale is crucial for teachers with more than 12 years of experience. Until the 13th year, steps come automatically with years of work experience. Then the responsibility to move up a step becomes yours, and it’s based on following through on an approved professional growth study plan. You should start working on it after your 12th step, so you can complete the plan by the end of your 15th year. Your 16th year is the one where you can move the step. This same procedure can occur in your 19th year and your 22nd year, if you take action to earn longevity based on a personal growth plan. (One catch that could affect some teachers is that you must have 50% of your experience in this district. Also, teachers who work less than 100% of the year will have to combine years to come to this point.)

Teachers need to know that the longevity steps cannot be earned unless you are on Column F. Clearly, earning a Master’s has more value than taking a variety of courses and just building up credits over the years. Don’t delay on working towards this—to reap salary benefits, better teaching, and professional development!

In the TVEA/TVUSD contract, Section 9.4.1 explains the longevity requirement information.

  • Step 16 - Must have completed 8 years at TVUSD and completed 15 years total experience.

  • Step 19 - Must have completed 9 1/2 years at TVUSD and completed 18 years total experience.

  • Step 22 - Must have completed 11 years at TVUSD and completed 21 years total experience.

  • Step 25* - Must have completed 12 1/2 years at TVUSD and completed 24 years total experience.

* Longevity step 25 will be available July 1, 2013.

The Longevity Application can be found in appendix (H-1) in our contract or you can click here to download the application. Note that all transcripts of courses and grade reports must be received by HRD before the salary increase will be approved.

Applications can be turned in at any time. If you turn in the application prior to the effective date, HRD will hold onto your application and your step increase will take effective July 1st of the appropriate year. If you turn in the application past the date you become eligible for your step incrase, the effective date becomes the date they receive the application. It will not be retroed back.