Benefits of TVEA/CTA/NEA
Wednesday, September 23 2009

When you join TVEA you are also joining CTA and NEA. There are many benefits that you receive from joining our Association

TVEA Benefits

  • Individual and group representation by leaders and professional staff.
  • Promotion of economic and professional benefits
  • Exclusive Bargaining Agent in Employer-Employee Relations
  • Negotiated salary increases and fringe benefits.
  • professional programs: teacher, education, standards, curriculum and instruction, professional rights and responsibilities, human relations, legislation, public relations, salaries, insurance and retirement.
  • Protection of employee rights and privileges under District policy and State law, including legal consultation.
  • Association Publication - TVEA Advocate

San Gorgonio Service Center

  • Enhanced professional staff assistance
  • Assistance with contract preparation
  • Local training - workshops provided in:
    • Bargaining
    • Membership
    • Grievance Processing
    • Contract Preparation
    • Retirement
    • Organizing
    • Professional Growth
    • Fringe Benefits
    • and more

CTA - State Level

  • Legal Services (All job related mattes)
  • Legal Services for Non-Employment matters - 1/2 hour free advice and consultation with a GLSP attorney on each different non-employment matter during a CTA fiscal year. Such matters may include, but are not limited to: personal bankruptcy, divorce and child custody, creditor claims, wills and probate, personal injury/property damage, change of name, criminal charges, vehicle code violations, consumer protection, and real estate. Income tax returns or other income tax issues, intellectual property, or immigration issues not included.
  • Death and Dismemberment Plan - automatic life insurance plan that increases with each year of continuous CTA membership. 
  • Voluntary Life and Disability Insurance 
  • CTA Extended medical and Related Arts Endorsement - For nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, dental hygienists, athletic trainers 
  • CTA Scholarship Programs
  • State consultants and individual representation
  • Weight of fthe State Association (300,000+ represented members) on local or individual programs
  • CTA Endorsed Special Services Programs: Group Term Life Insurance, Group Disability Insurance, Credit Unions and Auto & Homeowner's Insurance
  • CTA special services benefits for members are: discounts on travel and entertainment, new automobile purchasing, extended warranty insurance, national automobile club, and hotel discount programs
  • CTA Health Information Programj and Well Baby Program 
  • CTA Disaster Relief Fund
  • CTA Credit Card Program
  • CTA Rental Car Program 
  • State Association Publication - California Educator

NEA - National Level

  • Free Complimentary Life Insurance
  • Educators Employment Liability (EEL) 
    • On-the-job Liability Policy ($1,000,000) per member per occurrence limit of liability for losses from or settlement of civil suits arising out of educational employment activities.
    • $300,000 per member per occurence for civil rights issues or claims and not to include any other claims.
    • $3,000,000 per occurrence aggregate for all claims.
    • $35,000 reimbursement of attorney fees and costs to defend employment-related criminal proceedings.
    • $1,000 reimbursement per bail bond.
  • Protection and promotion of federal income tax benefits and allowances for employees
  • Promotion of federal financing of teacher scholarship programs.
  • NEA Special Services benefits for members are: Complimentary life insurance plans, NEA book program, car rental program, credit card progam, unified magazine service, tax deferred annuity plan
  • DuShane Fund for the advancement of protection of employees' rights nationally
  • National recognition for research in education
  • Representation in the U.S. Congress for federal aid to education and legislation.
  • National publications - NEA Now, NEA Today, NEA Travel Guide